Online marketing in a nutshell:

Online marketing can take many forms. Whether it is customers searching for your goods and services on a search engine. Or seeing your adverts on a social media platform or even retargeting you with adverts, typically with a product you may have considered purchasing on a entirely different website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is the method of using the content of your website and the coding behind your website. Search Engines view websites for their ease of navigation by a potential customer visiting your site, and they ensure you are adhering to their best practices of SEO.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click or PPC is the method of paying a search engine to place your adverts within their search rankings. You are not subjected to any cost for customers seeing your ads (which is great for brand awareness), however if your ad is clicked, you are subjected to a cost per click.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing via social media can be challenging. It also operates on the principle of the subject to payment when a customer clicks your advert. However given the nature of social media platforms being that of absorbed content by the user, contextually driven ads are great for brand awareness known as 'Reach.'


Retargeting will be familiar to most users. This is where you have viewed an item on a website and perhaps committed to purchase. Thereafter you may have abandoned the purchase process and you will notice that on other websites you are being shown the product you almost bought, sometimes with a discount attached if you change your mind and "buy now." This is known as retargeting.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is typically available via pay per click (PPC). This is the method of delivering image adverts of your choosing, and dispersing the adverts throughout websites that may be of relevance to your business. Non competitor websites are of preference of course but you can opt into any website of your choosing, within the search engine partner network to present your image ads.

£ All of the above methods of online marketing can be utilised individually. Typically it is a wise decision to initially disperse your budget between one or two methods and monitor their progress accordingly. Ideally once we achieve profitability via those initial channels, we can then decide on another initiatives to implement. Ultimately all methods of online marketing should eventually be initiated and complementing one another's strategies, to deliver an overall successful online marketing platform for your company.

£ Once all of the aforementioned marketing channels have been implemented successfully and are providing a satisfactory return on investment, the evidence of the success can be tangibly reported via the Google Analytics platform. Notable behaviour such as customers searching for products during the day, checking social media for reputability thereafter, and then returning to your website via a brand search in the evening to purchase is not uncommon. The inextricable links between all of the methods of online marketing are becoming ever more complicated. This is especially apparent due to the nature of the cross platform behaviour such as users engaging with adverts on their mobile phones on the move, and then returning to their tablet or laptop of an evening to purchase. We have many methods available to not only analyse this behaviour, but to also actively encourage it to drive more sales and leads, by capturing and retaining a customer when it counts the most.

At first a particular client had decided to launch a pay per click (PPC) program in order to advertise with immediate effect on a search engine. A search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy was also adopted at this stage. Within 3 months the 'Organic' (SEO driven traffic) was beginning to build significant traction and the pay per click campaigns were providing enough sales and revenue at this stage, to the point where return on investment was recognised. The client had also implemented an email marketing campaign, and their brand keywords on a search engine (bidding on their own brand name as competitors were also bidding on their brand name) had captured these very important email driven clicks. The social media campaign also drove traffic and as a result of all channels complementing one another and almost working as a virtual team, all aspects of customer acquisition, retention of email clicks and ultimately a healthy volume of leads, sales and revenue were achieved overall." Contact us today for more impartial information.

If you currently have a business that relies upon traditional marketing, or you have online marketing already but you feel you are lacking guidance, we can help. Although the semantics involved in running a watertight strategy for all aspects of online marketing are complicated, we can ensure we will manage it efficiently for you. We will convey information to you in a non jargon manner, explain what we are doing and what our methods are, in line with your objectives. It can be daunting and yes there are many agencies to choose from nowadays. However we at Search Engineers endeavour to make the process as simple and as cost effective as possible for you. Please get in touch with us and tell us your business goals and needs. We will come and visit you anywhere in the country and enable you be found online with ease, with you rest assured that we are doing the best we possibly can to help you achieve your success online.

With the increase in mobile usage, tablet usage and even laptops are still in use somewhat. With all of this evolution taking place and mobile devices set to outperform other devices for search usage, if your business is not being seen, how are you going to be found online? How will you sell your goods and services if nobody who is searching for your goods is not seeing your adverts? Every aspect of search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media PPC, email marketing, brand protection, press releases... All of these marketing methods are becoming so inextricably linked, and the ability to analyse, manipulate and drive acquisitions and repeat business via all these means has never been more crucial. If you have marketing in place already, we can audit your current efforts for free with no obligation. If you are entirely new to one or all of the concepts, we'll be more than happy to visit you at your premises and explain this in a way that is not too technical. Get in touch today to find out more. Every minute that passes by, a competitor of yours has an add being clicked on and that sale could have been yours! Why not let us show you how we can get you one step ahead of those competitors!