We endorse Search Engine Land and here is a nice introduction to search engine optimisation for beginners...


Stage 1

As with PPC (pay per click), the process is very similar in that keywords are to be established to understand how we need to target your prospective customers. Typically if you are launching a PPC and SEO strategy, the keywords we would target would be the same or very similar. Clearly some keywords are more competitive than others, therefore the keywords we may want to immediately be on page one of Google for can be achieved by paying for them, however SEO can take weeks and even months the achieve this sort of ranking. Beware of companies that guarantee you number one spots or certain rankings!

Stage 2

At stage two we would diligently research keywords that are of both high volume, low volume but potentially niche (known as "low hanging fruit") and of course all keywords will be relevant to your products and services. In order for us to propagate these keywords to your website, we would need to ascertain what pages they are to be located to and a level of coding on the back end of your website will be required (this is called the META data which resides in the HTML or "back end" of your website). The remainder of the work is to optimise the content of your website consistently in line with the search engine's best practices.

Stage 6

Once all of the aforementioned stages have been completed successfully and your pay per click and SEO programs appear to be running in tandem and working well with one another, the work is not yet done. Pay per click and search engine optimisation require continual management. The primary reason for this is that everyone else also has a pay per click and SEO manager and they are fighting against your efforts every day too. That is why it is important to have the experience such as we do, the support from Google such as we do and the proven bespoke techniques we have developed over a twelve year period. We offer a no obligation audit and proposal of your current marketing methods. Call us today on: +44 (0)121 288 2727 or enquire online and we'll get right back to you ASAP.

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